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Pilgrimage house

2020 - under construction

Transformation of an existing building for the OSPPE

The site is in Hargitafürdő (Harghita-Băi/"Hargita bath") mountain resort, with an area of 34 ha, is a component city of Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc), situated at the highest elevation in Harghita county (at 1350 m), nestled between mountain peaks of wild beauty, very appreciated by fans mountain tourism.
Harghita Bai is a local interest spa founded in the 1800s. He became known thanks to the surrounding landscape on the one hand, and on the other hand due to its mineral water and sulphurous mofettes indicated in the treatment of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases. Harghita Bai resort fits in a certain geographical environment with possibilities of recovery in tourism.

In this magical place was projected the Pilgrimage house, near the OSPPE settlement.

The Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit, also known as Pauline Fathers and Brothers, are spiritual sons of Saint Paul of Thebes, who is considered to be the first known hermit in the Christian tradition. Blessed Eusebius of Esztergom established our community in the first half of the 13 th century when he brought together hermits scattered throughout the woods of Hungary.

Today the Pauline Order is a semi-contemplative religious community, which means that every monk cherishes the contemplation of God in prayer, in solitude, and in a community and connects it with pastoral work. The Pauline Fathers are especially known for working at numerous Marian shrines throughout the world and fostering a devotion to the Mother of God.

The construction was originally projected as a church in a brutalist style, but it newer been consecrated, now becoming a pilgrimage house.​

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initial phase
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survey and modelling
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project with extension
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